If you decide to subscribe to any boxes, don’t forget to visit the Referrals & Discounts page for the best deals!


  • PopSugar Must Have: I am a monthly subscriber. $39.95 + tax/month. PopSugar is definitely my favorite and feels like luxury in a box. It is the one box I feel like I couldn’t live without. It is also the most expensive, but it’s totally worth it. They send the “Must Have” home, health, beauty, food, and/or fitness items every month. This box really feels like a present every month and there’s always something that I am obsessed with in every box. 
  • IpsyI am a monthly subscriber. $10 + tax/month. Ipsy is a great bag overall and consistently offers a great value. They also include everything in a unique makeup bag every month. There has literally never been a makeup bag or monthly selection that I didn’t like. Such a fun combination of 4-5 girly products or makeup items. They also offer sneak peeks throughout the month to really get you hyped up for the bag. They also have a new referral program, where you get a free item in your next bag for every two referrals you get (and the free items are awesome, no throwaways here). 
  • GlossyBox: $21 + tax/month. You will receive five surprise luxury beauty products that are either huge or full size. Everything about GlossyBox is just so chic, even down to the pretty pink box that everything comes in. They also feature international brands, which makes them unique from most other boxes.


  • Birchbox Man: I am a monthly subscriber. $20/month. This box has really changed Matt’s skincare routine and has introduced him to his all-time favorite hair creme and face wash. He has also found most of his current favorite shampoos, washes, shaving items, and more. Sometimes, they also offer things like wallets, sunglasses, and other items that aren’t related to skincare. If you fill out the quick surveys, you can also get $5 back in store credit, which adds up quickly (especially if you also subscribe to Birchbox for women). 
  • Bespoke Post$45/month. This one is a bit pricier, but they focus on one area of your life per month. One month may be shaving items, one month is food items, etc., which allows you to really explore different areas of your life.
  • PopSugar Must Have Limited Edition Men’s Box$100/box. While this one is not a monthly box, it should be noted. They have released two boxes so far (Matt subscribed to both) and they were both great. Muy expensivo though. We wish they would just do a cheaper box for men more often. 


  • Love With Food: $12/month. I will never unsubscribe to Love With Food. There is always a huge selection of food items to try and they really do care about flavor. So there are definitely no cardboard bars in here. And for the price, it is TOTALLY worth it to try out different gourmet treats. They also send a meal to a hungry child for every box sent, which is a huge plus in my book.
  • Bulu Box: $10/month. Bulu offers fitness and weight loss boxes to help you succeed at reaching your fitness and wellness goals. They offer everything from supplements and food to workout demos and gift cards. You can see more about how it works here.
  • Conscious Box: $19.95/month. Conscious Box sends a nice combination of natural products that are good for the planet. They send food, items for the home, cleaning products, and so much more. 
  • Evande: Evande offers all-natural skincare products that are good for your skin, contain only natural ingredients, are really affordable, and smell so good. There is really not one downside I can find to any of their items. You can read my full review of them here.
  • NeoCell: This is a premium quality collagen-based supplement line. They offer products for your health, wellness, and appearance. You can read my full review here. I have tried Biotin, Vitamin B, fish oil, and a ton of hair, nail, and skin growth supplements with some slight results, if any. NeoCell is way better than anything I’ve ever used and I started seeing noticeable results in 2 weeks. This just gets better and there is nothing uncomfortable or yucky about taking the supplements. I especially recommend the Fruit Punch chews.
  • Josie Maran Argan Oil: I LOVE this Argan Oil and amongst the many, many oils I have tried, it still remains my favorite. I literally refer to it as my liquid gold. I have always used it for my hair and cuticles and seen immediate results, but was always too afraid to try it on my face. After all, how can oil NOT make your face oily? But once I tried it on my face, I was converted. Just a few drops leaves my skin with a dewy, gorgeous glow. It is also great for basically any weird skin issues. If my skin is particularly dry, I use this. Acne-fied? Use this. Oily? Use this. After just one time using this (with no moisturizer or makeup over it), I can see a difference. 
  • Lucky Tiger: This is my husband, Matt’s, favorite chapstick. He is a fan of their face care items as well (the packaging is also stellar).
  • Towel Dry Creme Styler: This is Matt’s go-to hair styler. He’s obsessed.
  • Malin + Goetz: Really, you can’t go wrong with Malin + Goetz, but the peppermint shampoo is Matt’s particular favorite.
  • Kiehl’s: Can’t go wrong with Kiehl’s. They make Matt’s favorite face lotion. 
  • Blind Barber: Matt’s go-to shaving cream.
  • Art of Shaving: Matt loves their pre-shave and after-shave. I’ve done a lot of writing for them in the past and we both have learned so much from their site, blog, etc.
  • Seki Nail Clippers: Matt’s go-to nail clippers.
  • The Knottery: They just make the best, coolest wool and knit ties. 
  • Old Spice Wolfthorn: Matt’s favorite deodorant, body wash, anything. 
  • English Laundry: Matt’s tried a few of their scents in past Birchboxes and was hooked, but his favorite cologne is their Signature scent.
  • Vaseline Men Spray Lotion: This smells amazing, is easy to spray, and is non-greasy. Nothing wrong with this whatsoever.
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser: Works on anything/everything and Matt absolutely swears by them.