We Moved to West Hollywood!

We moved! February was our first full month living in West Hollywood, and I still feel like it was just yesterday (time flies when you’re having fun, right?) We moved from Downtown LA, which is why I’ve been out of commission lately. Living there was constant stress and noise (of all kinds). I’m happy to be living in such a calm, happy, open-minded place now that we both absolutely love. We are living right in between Sunset and Santa Monica Blvd, so there are truly endless things to do, which I really missed after moving out of Brooklyn.

We are so excited for many new opportunities…and basically, a whole new way of life! If you need Stepford Guide’s new address, let me know! 

Do any of you have any WeHo hot spots we NEED to check out? Whether you’ve lived there, are living there now, or have only been once, what are your thoughts on this little gem?

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