My Half-Year’s Resolutions

So, this whole concept of Half-Year’s Resolutions is so genius to me…why did I never think of that? I’ll never forget it now.

Ok, so let’s be real: It’s been six months since you made that New Year’s Resolution list homie. SIX MONTHS. I keep thinking of how much further along I would be on my New Year’s Resolutions if I had actually started them six months ago like I had planned. So, I’m starting them up again and am sharing them here to give you some ideas. Share your favorite instant life upgrades below and whether you were successful with your New Year’s Resolutions.


1. Plan My S*** Out

Ok, honestly I feel like I just opened my planner refill for the new year and it’s already six months later. Seriously, it’s been six months. I am going to arrange my life in my planner today and highlight items in different colors based on priority and how long they’ve been on my to-do list.

2. Look in the Mirror, Queen

Do a self-care regimen…like, today. It’s an instant upgrade to your look and probably won’t take a lot of time or energy. Plus, it will make you feel like you look like a million bucks after. I have mine written out and do it before big events like Half-Year’s Day 😉

For reference, here is my regimen. Matt’s is very similar.

  • Blackhead strip on my nose
  • Mask
  • Pluck my brows or schedule my waxin’
  • White strip on my chompers
  • Deep condition my hair and trim my bangs
  • Dry brush my skin, shave, and apply thick lotion or body butter
  • Apply cuticle oil
  • Freshen up my manicure and pedicure (including filing/softening my feet)

3. Be Nicer (But Not a Pushover)

I’m pretty sure everyone could be a little nicer, right? But at the same time, I need to be assertive, especially as a petite woman…very fine line here people. 

4. Chill the F*** Out

Ok, if you couldn’t already tell…I’m a bit high strung. I received a gift card for a free professional massage in April and I still haven’t gone…cuz I’m too busy. So, yeah. I need to chill the F out.

One thing I consistently do to relax is really take advantage of my monthly Buddhibox. It’s my little peace of calm every month.

Here’s what came in the last couple of month’s boxes:

The box also includes an inspirational quote and a yoga posture card with a new yoga pose suggestion and explanation. It also comes with a recipe, so you can really improve every facet of your life if you really use everything in the box. The same holds true for any fitness or wellness subscription box you subscribe to. Get the most out of it.

5. Get My Fitness On

If you are slacking on your fitness and you’re frustrated that you either just missed your summer goal weight or are way off, no worries. Just start up now or rev up your efforts. Now is a great time, and the weather’s perfect for outdoor sports.

For me, I wasn’t running as often as I wanted to. I blamed it on a lot of different things, but then realized I just needed to step up my game. I’m cheap as hell, so I realized it was time to update my stuff. I bought new running shoes, running sunglasses, sports bras, running clothes, wireless headphones, and updated my Spotify playlist. This is extreme, but I swear I hadn’t bought anything new for myself (fitness related) in at least five years…that’s not even healthy. If I get things for free to review, AWESOME, but that’s all I get that’s new. Matt can testify, I’ll even sew clothes before I’ll replace them. I ran recently and was ashamed at my nearly-grey “white” tank and crusty old (but trusty old) running shoes that were so cool and new like five years ago. I went that night and overhauled my whole fitness wardrobe and regimen and I have never been so on schedule with my fitness goals before. I’m still cheap as hell though, so I was all about the sales and cheap places when I did my shopping.

6. Check That Resume

Are you happy with your resume? Make sure it’s updated, especially if you’re thinking of switching jobs anytime soon. Don’t forget about LinkedIn and your professional resume. 

7. Get To the Doc

Matt and I pay for our own insurance, so I know exactly what I get for my money. And I make sure I get my free annual exams everywhere (the doctor, OBGYN, dentist, optician). This year, I had no real issues and I still didn’t get everything done for many months. So, if you’ve been putting off any of your free appointments, take advantage of them now. A healthier future you is saying thank you.

8. Check Your Priorities

Reorganize your priorities so that you have more time for what’s most important to you. Have you been meaning to join a class or organization near you? Now is the time. 

Even if you just complete one item off your to-do list each day, remember to celebrate everything you do to improve yourself.

What are your favorite instant upgrades and what are your favorite half-year resolutions?

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