Styled by Trendage: Try Clothes On At Home

I recently tried a new app called “Styled by Trendage“, which lets you virtually try on outfits from home (a la “Cher” style).

Styled by Trendage” is a new fashion & hairstyles app that lets you see outfits from head to toe on yourself featuring clothing, accessories and footwear from leading brands & stores like Bloomingdale’s, Rent the Runway, and Topshop. 
With Trendageyou mix & match apparel to create unique looks featuring leading retailers. Users also can save, share, and purchase their outfits directly through the app. Trendage is the only app to realistically mix & match actual clothes from retailers & boutiques.
— See the latest dresses and styles on yourself from leading stores without ever visiting a shopping mall!
— Easily create your body with just a selfie or pick from a picture from your phone
— Instantly see hairstyles on yourself without having to go to a salon
— We are adding hundreds of new dresses & styles every week

EEK…no photo was particularly flattering, unfortunately…

My Thoughts

We’re living in the future! Or in Cher’s “Clueless” world. Seriously though, weren’t you jealous of her closet? The style of the app is very “Saved by the Bell” so the whole thing is a 90’s throwback. It’s fun to play around with and making your avatar is pretty addicting.
The only downside is the avatar doesn’t look much like me…it kinda zooms in on your face weird and the body options it gives are way off, with wildly different skin colors, so you have to look past that. It’s still the most realistic looking avatar I’ve seen anywhere.
This app is useful for both men and women. With it, you can try on new outfits and hairstyles to give yourself a virtual makeover before you try it in real life. It even lets you try on entirely new outfits and will sum up how expensive the whole outfit would be. You can also earn discounts through the app to save money on your favorite new outfits.
What I love most is that you can try new outfits and hairstyles on from home instead of having to go to the store and try everything out (and waste money in the process). It also gives me a better idea of what it would actually look like on me, instead of just trusting what it looks on the online model. 
This is free to use, so you might as well give it a try. When you do, let me know your thoughts in the comments!
This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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