My Toilet Looks Like a Disco

I received a Toilet Light by RainBowl – Motion Sensor Light with Color Changing LED and now my toilet looks like a disco.

Going to the bathroom at nighttime will stop being such a pain in the neck. Forget about stumbling around, being blinded by the big lights and asking yourself if you’ll ever be able to see again. And if that’s not enough, do it for your health, exposure to bright light at night disrupts sleep patterns and might lead to a host of health problems.

  • WELL-DESERVED COMFORT FOR YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY: Designed to fit ANY TOILET BOWL, the device detects your first steps upon entering your dark bathroom during the night and lights up.
  • THE MULTI COLOR CAROUSEL will entertain your kid while POTTY TRAINING. Simply by pressing a single button your little one can choose to freeze his / her favorite rainbow shade and, if he / she gets bored, press again to switch back to the SMOOTH COLOR TRANSITIONING mode. The LED lamp at the end of the rod is encased in FULL ABS PLASTIC preventing water damage from CASUAL SPLASHES.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: If anything goes wrong with the device, simply write us and we’ll take care of the rest! To support our claims we offer LIFETIME WARRANTY to our customers.

My Thoughts

This works well for any bathroom, for anyone, of any age range (kids and adults alike). It’s a really fun bathroom upgrade. I particularly like it because when I have nighttime bathroom runs, I like going to the bathroom in the dark, but I don’t like it too dark. So this is PERFECT. As soon as I sit down, the light comes on and illuminates my bathroom just enough. Matt likes how it looks in my bathroom too. I think he’s jelly.
I put the batteries in and it was immediately ready to go. It fit right in and has never come loose or fallen off or anything like that. There was no problem getting it set up and using it. It only turns on if the light is off, which saves battery. You can choose to have the colors circulate or you can just pick one of the colors by simply pressing the button outside of the toilet. I set it to only have the blue color because it’s my favorite, instead of circulating through the various colors.
This came with a little booklet of fun facts for kids on one side and adults if you flip it over, which is a fun little bathroom read. This also has a lifetime warranty, which is definitely a plus.
I received these products complimentary for testing purposes. All opinions are my own. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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