Eclipse Universal Auto Phone Holder Loses Its Grip

So, I’m on the hunt for the perfect smartphone holder for my car and have yet to find one that actually works well. We had problems with the car cell phone holders with our Mustang, but it’s way worse with our new Audi. Nothing seems to stick to the windshield or dashboard and since our car has a popup screen, nothing seems to fit right. 

We received one to review recently and had high hopes for it because it’s universal holder and can be mounted to the windshield, dash, or console, but it didn’t work well enough for us. 

Eclipse Pro Grip Universal Auto Car Cell Phone Holder

PREMIUM QUALITY MOUNT: 360 degree pivoting head allows you to get the perfect viewing angle. Great for phones and GPS devices.

  • EASY INSTALLATION: Suction cup base mounts in a snap. Includes dashboard mounting disk with 3M adhesive.
  • HANDS-FREE: You can keep your eyes up instead of looking down at your phone.
  • Talk and drive safely with this convenient Universal Auto Cell Phone Holder featuring a durable plastic mount with a ProGrip pad and suction cup for a secure hold. It can be mounted on windshield, dash, or console. 




I would guess that this would work well for 99% of people, but our car is weird. This particular mount is just a cheap option that I thought would work, but the weight of the phone makes it pop off our windshield and console. It does pivot all the way around and you can get the exact angle you want, which is nice. It’s meant to be used for the cell phone or GPS, but I would think that a GPS would be too heavy for this. On the plus side, I can use this on my desk or bathroom, so it’s not a wasted product, but it doesn’t work on my car like I was hoping it would.

Does anyone have an auto cell phone holder that works well?


I received these products complimentary for testing purposes. All opinions are my own. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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