My March BuddhiBox Got Here Late!

March’s Buddhibox had a heck of a time getting to me. Long story short, someone else got my BuddhiBox, so it had to get back to the front desk, find the right place, and get to me. Ugh. It was no fault of BuddhiBox’s and somehow the box still got to me. And I’m so glad it did because it was a beaut! I woulda been really sad to miss out on this one.

Here’s what came in this month’s box:

We’ve been on an incense kick…for like the last 10 years 😛 So, this is greatly appreciated in our home. This is a great brand and blend of incense and the little burner is so cute. 

I already have this necklace, but I’m not upset about that because it will make the perfect gift. It also comes in a nice bag. 

These super spice packs are really neat. It’s a “daily spice shot” with turmeric, ginger, licorice root, and other organic spices that have amazing benefits. You can put the spice pack in a smoothie, hot water, or sprinkle it on your salad. I like it best in tea because it just punches up the flavor and kinda warms your insides on the way down. 

Matt and I recently started drinking more coconut water. It’s an acquired taste and we’ve finally acquired it. I love these little containers of coconut water too; they’re perfect to drink after a hard run or workout.

These hair, skin, and nails supplements are so appreciated. I love taking these for that extra oomph in my hair and nail growth. They have Biotin and aloe, along with a stress and energy support blend and digestive support blend, for maximum benefits. 

These double-sided affirmation water bottle labels are such a great idea. You can doll up your water bottle with these positive affirmations, so you can see them while you work out. I love that!

I’ve tried these feet wipes before and was so happy to see a 10-pack of them in this box. They’re nice and cool and really refreshing basically anytime. They’re great after a long day out in flip flops when you’re just too tired to shower or wash your feet when you get home…or after gardening…or when you’re doing a pedicure…or when you need a refresh. They are alcohol free, 99% natural, and have aloe, peppermint, and vitamin E.

Additional Thoughts

Per usual, the box also included an inspirational quote, a healthy recipe, and a yoga posture card with a new yoga pose suggestion and explanation. It also came with a recipe for a healing cough tea. This box was a huge win for me this month.

June BuddhiBox: The Best Box Yet


I received these products complimentary for testing purposes. All opinions are my own. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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