How to Enjoy Winter a Little More

Winter is my favorite season, but for those of you who just don’t like it, I’ve found some great ways to enjoy the season a little more. It’s pouring out here in Los Angeles, so I figured I would include some of my favorite indoor activities and the tricks that got me through some hellish New York winters.

Trick Yourself Into Loving It

There are certain mental tricks you can take advantage of, so that you can really enjoy the season, like: 

  • Remind yourself that things like tea, cozy socks, and a hot bath are MUCH more rewarding in the winter and treat yourself to them more often.
  • Find a winter activity or sport that you like and do it often.
  • Cook more warm recipes that you can look forward to all day (like soups, stews, meatloafs, and crock pot wonders).
  • Plan a day trip near you that you can look forward to, even in the winter.
  • Listen to upbeat music that makes you walk faster, so you heat yourself up during your commute (that was my trick when living in NYC).
  • Focus more on your cozy accessories, so you feel them warming you more. Like, instead of focusing on the cold or slippery snow, focus on how warm your new scarf is or how comfy your mittens are. It really does make you stop focusing on the miserable aspects of winter so much.
  • Focus on what you love about winter and surround yourself with others who love winter.

The Best Indoor Activities

Certain activities are much more enjoyable in the winter, so it’s best to take advantage of these activities during the cold season: 

  • Napping
  • Cooking
  • Reading (preferably by the fire). We had a beautiful fireplace when we lived in Northern California, but since moving, we bought a portable heater/fireplace and it’s the best!
  • Drinking tea and hot cocoa (spiked for adults)
  • Taking a bath
  • Having a spa day at home…extra points for using a mask that adds moisture to your winter-chapped skin
  • Attending a book club or supper club (now is the best time to start)
  • Exercising indoors…you’ll get in summer shape in no time and/or you can spend more time with your kids
  • Doing Wii Fitness when you can’t get outside

What are your favorite things to do in the winter? Do you love it as much as I do?

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