How to Combat Workout Blisters

FRÉ Skincare wrote a piece for SG readers to help improve your next workout! This is especially helpful if you tend to get blisters after working out. FRÉ offers skincare products specifically formulated for women who exercise, so they are definitely experts on the matter.

What You Need to Know About Sweat Blisters

You’re finally on track with your routine. You enjoy your workouts. The adrenaline rush and increased blood flow are exhilarating. For the entire week, you move energized – your body and mind feel great until you notice that you have some new blisters. By the next day, they’re gone but as soon as your workout is through they are back with a vengeance. You reluctantly contemplate returning to your sedentary lifestyle. What causes sweat blisters and what can you do to treat this irritating condition?

The Cause of Sweat Blisters

Sweating is good for you, or so they say. After all, it cools you down and helps to remove toxins from your body. Sweat blisters, also known as heat, rash aren’t particularly harmful to your health but they can be annoying. By now you may have already figured out that sweating is at the heart of this problem – but why?

When you sweat during your workouts, your skin also produces oils that mix with dead skin cells and possibly even bacteria. This mixture may backup on the skin and block the pores. This problem is further compounded by several factors including cosmetics, sunscreen and the type of clothing you choose to wear. The most common sites of this rash are the abdomen, armpits, back, groin, face, and neck. These areas have constant skin to skin contact or friction against clothing and tend to retain moisture which can damage surface cells, thus, trapping liquid under the skin. This can cause irritation. 

Overexposure to the sun may lead to sunburn and sunburn can cause problems as well. As with everything else, we can’t forget genetics. If your body doesn’t cool your skin efficiently enough, you will get this kind of reaction and man does it itch. When you do have an itch, try not to scratch. Although this is the natural urge, scratching sweat blisters will only increase the irritation. When the bumps burst, they release sweat that stings or burns the surrounding skin and they may even get infected.

What You Can Do

There are some measures you can take to prevent these annoying bumps. You can use skincare products like the 123FRÉ SKINCARE SET coupled with practical tips, some of which are found below.

  1. Cleanse, cleanse, and cleanse some more: Many persons focus on cleansing the skin after their workout but clean skin, especially in the areas that are prone to blistering, is essential before you begin working out. Be sure to keep makeup light, if you must at all wear any. Use a mild antibacterial soap to clean your affected areas before working out and as soon after as possible. This helps to lessen the build-up that will result from your workout and the time it stays in contact with your skin. Try the 123FRÉ SKINCARE SET Purify Me, which soothes, cleanses and hydrates the skin, restoring the skin’s natural pH to keep your blisters and skin irritation at bay after working out.
  2. Minimize exposure to the sun: Sunburns also cause sweat blisters. Not only are sunburns a source of great discomfort, but they are a threat to your health and appearance. Sunburn can damage your skin irreparably. Try to do your workouts in the early morning or late evening hours when it is cooler and you will produce less sweat. If you must venture into the sun or at least be near a window while you work out use sunscreen – not the heavy type to clog your pores. Try FRE Protect Me, which is an ultra-light SPF 30 moisturizer that won’t block your pores or burn your eyes when you sweat. Its water resistant characteristic makes it excellent to protect your face while you sweat.
  3. Wear the right type of clothes: If the rash is present on areas of your body other than your face, you need to wear clothes that are silky, sweat absorbent and that don’t rub against your skin. If you can’t shower as soon as you finish working out, at least remove the sweaty clothes.
  4. Keep the affected area dry: By dry, we mean free from sweat. Towels don’t necessarily contribute to your breakouts, what does is how you use them. When using a towel to dry your skin, gently pat it to remove the excess sweat. Avoid excessive rubbing as the friction, will irritate your pores and then, you may be facing a potential breakout.
  5. Eat right: Your skin will ultimately seek to eliminate things that you have consumed. This determines the number of toxins and how acidic your sweat will be. Try to eliminate artificial sugars and hormones, along with excess salt. Fish oil supplements assist greatly with keeping blemishes away. 

When you are through working out and have followed these tips, apply the 123FRÉ SKINCARE SET Revive Me to keep your skin looking healthy, supple and don’t worry the hypoallergenic formula won’t contribute to your sweat blisters.

Do you know of other ways to prevent sweat blisters?

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