Budget-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas

Alex Mouldings wrote a piece for SG readers with ideas to help you upgrade your home without spending too much!

The home is where you spend most of your free time at. Therefore, it is important that this place is well-maintained and comfortable to you. There are many ways to improve your home to not only be a great living space, but also to impress any guests that pay you a visit. You can achieve all of that with smart designs that will not break your bank. 

Mini Bathroom Makeover

by Redbud Custom Homes

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. One fantastic way to complement the interior look of your bathroom in an affordable way is to install a new granite bathroom vanity top. Pair this with a new faucet and mirror, and your bathroom will look like it has gone through an expensive facelift. Remember to inspect all of your items for flaws before purchasing them. You should also only start the project once you have everything on hand so that your bathroom will only be out of use for a short time.

Wallpaper One Wall

by Concept to Design Inc.

Although once out of fashion, wallpaper has made a comeback. Not only are there a large plethora of colors and patterns to choose from, but prices can be extremely cheap too. You can create a dramatic effect by just applying wallpaper to one wall instead of all of them. With this method, you can save money, invest less time and effort, and still add character to the room. This is a particularly good solution for rooms with plain walls and no built-ins. Before you apply the wallpaper, you will need to ensure that the wall surface is smooth because uneven spots might show through the paper.

Install a Coffered Ceiling

by K2 Design Group Inc.

The living room is often where family members socialize and guests are entertained. Therefore, it is important that this room is both comfortable and impressive. Having a ceiling design is a great way to spruce up the living room without compromising on functional space. One fantastic way to enhance the interior appearance of your living room is installing a coffered ceiling. This type of ceiling is a lattice of a shape, often squares or rectangles that is applied to the ceiling to look like crisscrossing beams.

Crown moldings are often used on each of the panels for an elegant finish. Traditionally, coffered ceilings are made from heavy materials like stones or expensive wood. However, with technological improvements, coffered ceilings are now made with light materials that are easy to install. Therefore, you can have a coffered ceiling that can be an architectural feature in your living room without going through an expensive and long project.

Add Walkway or Driveway Appeal

by The Garden Builders

The pathway leading up to your front door is the first thing that people will see when they visit your home. First impressions really do matter so it’s best to have a nice walkway or driveway so that your guests have a pleasant experience right from the start. Furthermore, not only will your neighbors be pleased if you keep the front of your home beautiful, but it also adds aesthetic appeal to your residential area. You can use gravel or stones for a natural look or if you prefer something that looks more sophisticated, try utilizing tiles to add character to the pathway. It is also crucial that your walkway or driveway fits the theme of your home’s facade and keep to one style to avoid a cluttered look. You can also add accessories like a new mailbox and outdoor lighting for a more charming look.

As you can see, home remodeling projects do not always have to be daunting and pricey. With the right design ideas and planning, you can reap considerable rewards with just a small investment.

What are some of your favorite home renovation ideas for upgrading your home on a budget?

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