How to Use Up Leftover Holiday Candy

Do you have endless candy from the holidays? Yeah, me too. And that can wreak havoc on your diet and just get really boring. So, I’ve found some great ways to use up all that candy. You can use this for excess candy from the holidays, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter…you get it.

Make New Goodies

Leftover candy can be used to bake yummy items like candy crusts, cookies, and brownies. Check out my shockingly easy recipe for candy cookies here! You can also just cut up candy into small pieces and use it in place of chocolate chips in all your favorite cookie recipes. Brownie recipes are even easier. You literally just toss your favorite chocolate candies into the batter before baking and voila, candy brownies. You can do the same with cake batter.

If you don’t want to bake, then consider these ideas:

  • Chocolate covered gummy bears (check out my recipe here)
  • Candy smores (check out my recipe here)
  • Skittles vodka or jolly rancher vodka or starburst vodka (recipes linked)
  • Fancy coffee drinks (just let your favorite chocolate candy melt into your morning cup o’ joe)
  • Ice cream with candy mix-ins (just mix your favorite candy into chocolate or vanilla ice cream or soft serve)
  • Cupcake decorations (decorate your next cake or cupcakes with candy toppings)
  • Chocolate covered pretzels
  • Chocolate bark
  • Chocolate fondue
  • Truffles
  • Fudge
  • Puppy chow
  • Toffee
  • Popcorn balls
  • Rice krispy squares
  • Chocolate dipped cookies
  • Themed caramel apples
  • Chocolate and caramel sauce for fancy ice cream sundaes
  • Trail mix
  • Candy cocktails
  • Candy milkshakes

Freeze It

Yes, it’s possible. In fact, you can freeze candy for up to one year. Chocolate freezes particularly well and can taste even better when it’s super cold. Snickers and Junior Mints are my personal favorites to store in the freezer. If you can save it, you can use it later for holiday décor (think gingerbread houses). You can also use it to fill up a piñata. 

Give It Away

You can either give it away as-is or use it to make edible gifts, like in the ideas above. Bring it in a decorative bowl for your workmates…they’ll love you for it. You can also just put it out when guests come to visit and try hiding it (from yourself) for the rest of the time. You can also donate it to organizations like Candy Buyback, which in turn sends the candy to our troops…now, that’s awesome.

Haven’t Had Enough?

I’ve written about using up holiday candy before (read it here), but it wasn’t comprehensive like this one. I hope you’ve found some fun ways to use up that endless holiday candy. 

What are your favorite ways to use up holiday candy?

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