Does a Waist Trainer Really Work?

This Latex Spandex Cotton Waist Trainer, Corset, Body Shaper by Fabu Health is a huge win for me.

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  • Achieve your perfect figure – You will instantly look thinner by losing a minimum of 1 inch off your waist.
  • High Quality Material for Comfortability – Fabu Health Latex Waist Trainers are made with High Quality Material and have three layers to make you feel comfortable.Our waist trainer corsets Inner layer constructed with soft and cozy cotton fabric with three layers of quality fabric; Outer layer of durable latex provides high quality to slim curves. This sleek material and the design allows you to wear this body trainer invisibly. Its perfect to wear under a special dress. The soft material will keep all the fat tucked in so you don’t have to worry about readjusting your clothes.
  • 9 Flexible Steel Bones and adjustable clasps in our waist shaper for women will squeeze your curves into a perfect hourglass figure. The thick rods will support your spine and help you improve posture by preventing slouching. Some report a large improvement in back pain. Hence its comfortable and gives you the Hourglass Figure. Covered boning in front and back for added support smooth waistline and ultra-high compression. Ideal for exercise use with optimal comfort, higher rise to provide optimal coverage for every day wear.
  • 3 Layers of Large Hooks and Eyes to Keep Your Waist Tucked in and Give the Sleek Look – Our hooks and eyes are larger compared to competitors and comes with 3 layers for you to chose your comfort. The waist trimmer will mould your curves while keeping them tucked in sleek looking. Wearing daily will train the muscles to stay in place and rebuild strength in the lower abdomen.

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My Thoughts

Let’s get right to it. Yes, the waist trainer works…shockingly well. It gives you an instant hourglass while you’re wearing it, but when you take it off, you still have more of an hourglass figure than before.

You want this to be tight, that’s the key. Normally a waist trainer should be worn 2-3 inches tighter than your normal waist size. That way, it shapes your waist and generates perspiration. Measuring your waist is SO important because in most cases (including in my case), you’ll want to get a smaller size than you’d expect. When I first put mine on, I was like “DAMN this is tight!” but within minutes, it starts feeling more comfortable and you get used to it in no time, so it’s not uncomfortable.

This is a sexy little waist trainer. It feels slick on the outside like a proper corset and, in black, it’s so sleek. You could also wear it out or for naughty time 😛 The inside is soft thanks to the ultra-soft cotton. It’s also durable as hell, so it’s gonna last me for years, no doubt.

As added bonuses, it also makes my breasts perk up (while I’m wearing it) and makes me stand, sit, and walk straighter, so I’m hoping for better posture after continual wear. It also prevents slouching and can even help with back pain.

One downside to this waist trainer is that the clasps are a little difficult to clasp. It takes me a few minutes to hook it because the clasps are pretty narrow. I need to pop them open more. It has 9 flexible steel bones, which is great, but after about an hour of wearing it, it pokes by my ribs and can get really uncomfortable (kinda like when bra wires poke). Also, I get really hot when wearing this. It makes cleaning a lot harder (more like a workout), so I can’t even imagine working out in this…I think I’d pass out.

This is a great little addition to my life and I love wearing it. You can’t tell much from the before and after photos I’ve taken so far because I haven’t been wearing it consistently enough. But I will update the post with before and afters shortly. Whether you’re trying to lose weight more quickly or just want a better hourglass with less effort, a waist trainer can be huge for you.


I received these products complimentary for testing purposes. All opinions are my own. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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