How Mashup Workouts Are Different

I’ve been using Mashup from Booya Fitness for awhile now, but have never written about it. I think it’s high time I do.


Booya Fitness offers convenient, affordable access to the best boutique workouts the industry has to offer. Our partnerships with real fitness studios and reputable instructors span a variety of different genres and styles, from Bollywood dance with BollyX to the iconic Pain & Pleasure workouts with David Barton Gym. Each workout comes with a carefully curated playlist of popular music (no more synthesized sounds) that’ll keep you moving even when you feel like you’ve hit your limit.

MASHUP™, “The Evolution of HIIT “, is a Variable-intensity interval training (VIIT) program that allows participants to attain true HIIT intervals combined with Mind/Body and Agility & Strength at 3 different fitness levels. Every workout challenges the entire body in numerous ways whether you are performing Mind/Body (yoga/pilates), Agility & Strength, or High-intensity interval movements. 

All of our workouts can be conveniently accessed from any internet-enabled advice, allowing you to workout from the comfort of your own living room (with no gym bag required). Approximately 75% of the workouts can be completed with just a yoga mat. We offer membership plans for as low as $8.50 per month, with a free 30-day trial for new members. 


Seven of the workouts combine Mind/Body, Agility & Strength, and High-intensity intervals while three of them take you through just one of those three modalities during the 15 minutes. MASHUP™  is a FUN, QUICK, TOTAL FITNESS program whether you are using the digital workouts or taking a live class! These digital workouts are available through IOS App, Chromecast, and Airplay. Sign up here or watch the video preview link for more.


My Thoughts

These fun workouts offer total fitness for the whole body. The curated workout experience features all different types of fitness classes, which change daily, so you can easily find things to keep you interested. You can set your mood, goals, and settings to find the perfect workouts for you. You will also receive recommendations on what to do next. 

These are fun variable-intensity interval training exercises that unite mind and body. They also have super effective 15-minute workouts if you just wanna get a good workout in with no fuss.

The best part is you can sign up for a 30-day curated workout plan and daily coaching to stay motivated and on track towards meeting your goals. They also have a blog with recipes and tips, and nutrition info for further inspiration, so it’s perfect for that last minute push before Christmas, or a great way to start the new year.

Visit the Mashup site to join!


I received these products complimentary for testing purposes. All opinions are my own. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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