Testing New Beauty’s Test Tube


Box #3: Test Tube  $38.90

Test Tube was actually the first sample box I signed up for and one that I was particularly excited about. It only comes once per quarter with seasonal must-haves. It has more full size and name brand products, plus a New Beauty magazine.

Customer Service Issues

Once I signed up for the program, I received an email stating that the first box I would receive would be the Summer box. The first box I received was the Spring box and there were some issues with the box. I emailed customer service and they promptly responded with an apology and stated that they would send the Summer box right away. Not only did they rush ship it, they also included extra goodies, a $10 gift card, and a handwritten note to make up for the mistake…doesn’t get much better than that.

Box Review

The spring and summer boxes were both amazing. They had way more than I was expecting and so far, I’ve been thrilled with everything in it! I particularly liked the eyeshadow and eyeliner colors because I do not currently have anything like it. I also loved the It’s a 10 hair leave in product and the Perlier/Elariia items I received in both boxes are standout. They are made with beneficial natural ingredients, feel great, and smell even better.

I am still trying everything out since all of my sample boxes arrived at once! Next month’s boxes will have a more thorough review of the products, promise 😀

P.S.Even my cats loved the box 🙂

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  1. Helen Babbles (@UnwedHousewife)

    Hi I stumbled onto your blog while look up reviews for Glossy box content. My favorite subscription at the moment happens to be MyGlam. The waitlist is just as long as Birchbox and the last 2 months have been really really good. It’s worth looking into for $10 a month.

    • The Stepford Guide

      Thanks for the comment Helen! I considered MyGlam, but was a little put off by the mixed reviews online. I have since joined the waitlist because you’re right, for only $10 a month, why not give it a try, right?

  2. therosysnail

    I’m jealous! I wanted to get this one! I saw the above comments and wanted to mention that MyGlam is bomb! And the mixed reviews are …well, kinda silly. You have to be willing to accept that you might not always LOVE everything, but like Helen said, the last two months have be WONDERFUL! Check out my blog for the last several months of their bag 😉

    • The Stepford Guide

      I want MyGlam pretty badly now. I joined their waiting list and am still on it 🙁
      The August box was calling to me, but I guess I won’t get into the program in time :/

      • therosysnail

        Yeah, my mother has been on the waiting like for a while too 🙁 I wish they would open up spots but I know they are getting slammed right now.

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