GlossyBox: International Love

Box #2: GlossyBox  $22.86

I was very excited to sign up for GlossyBox because they feature international brands. After spending some time in Europe, I’ve really come to realize how much we are missing out on here in the U.S. Perfect example: Spray deodorant for women…umm why don’t we have that out here?? Some of the best beauty products I’ve ever used were in Europe, but there are ridiculous shipping costs to try to get them out here, so I was excited to try a variety of products for just over $20.

What’s the Verdict?

With all that being said, I wasn’t wildly impressed with my Glossy Box this month. I received shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair, but I stated in my profile that I do no have color treated hair. (Read Update below)

I do LOVE the box itself and will definitely use that to hold hair accessories or small items of some sort. It would also be great to pack with girly stuff for a gift to one of my sisters. I also loved the lip and body balm, in particular. It went on smooth, wasn’t greasy and wasn’t difficult to get out of the container (like Burt’s Bees’ balm). The foot cream was moisturizing and for the most part, I liked everything in the box, it just didn’t live up to my wild expectations. I will definitely give this box another month because I’m so enthusiastic about the prospect of getting the best international brands.


I received the following message from GlossyBox (in regards to the review above), stating that I can use the Sebastian Pro shampoo and conditioner! Props to them for replying so quickly…or replying at all, for that matter! Once again, reaffirms the fact that I will definitely be keeping (and continuing to review) this subscription.

Andrea, thanks for the post. You can use the color ignite line from Sebastian Pro. It isn’t just for color treated hair. It will promote shine and make your color more vibrant! Xx

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