Birchbox for Men…for My Man

Box #4: Birchbox for Men  $20.00

During my quest for the best sample box for women, I also looked for one for my fiance, Matt. Unfortunately, there are not a lot to choose from. Birchbox for Men was the best (and basically, only) sample box for men that I found.

He was on the waiting list for a couple of weeks, but nothing even close to the waiting list for women (which I am still on). The August box came and Matt was really excited to get anything at all. I am obviously going to keep this subscription because it is like giving him a gift every month with things that will help to make him a happier, healthier person all around.

He loved everything in the box, which was a soft t-shirt, blood orange body soap, shaving cream, and a thickening shampoo. He loved the cut of the Marlon Brando-inspired t-shirt and how soft it was. It is unlike any other shirt he has and we both really like the color…although he did say the shirt was itchy…nothing a quick wash can’t fix, I’m sure. The body soap smelled really good and I kept smelling it on him throughout the day.

The Bad News

The bad news is that I thought this box was a little light. After looking at the other 9 box combinations, I felt that the one Matt got was the smallest, so it was not the best option for a first box. Also, the note that came along in his box detailing what was in it stated that he should have received a different shaving product than he received AND an eye cream (which he was really excited about), but obviously, neither thing was in the box. At first, I thought maybe they just send the same note to everyone detailing the best things that MIGHT come in your box, but aren’t necessarily in it. However, after reading other online reviews and blogs, it looks like what was on the note should have been in the box. I emailed customer service about this and will post an update with their response.

For now, I am still definitely keeping this box because Matt loved it and that’s really all that matters!

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