Good & Lovely, Period

A Note On All Future Reviews

I will start slowly reviewing my boxes because they seemed to all flood in at once, during what may have been the busiest week of my life…so I am now just catching up. Going forward, I will review all boxes on the day they arrive so that they are not “stale” to readers. I also have NO connection whatsoever with any companies I am reviewing and if I receive any free/promotional items or kick backs at any time, I will specifically mention it so that readers get an honest, unbiased opinion.

Box #1: Good & Lovely  $13.99

This box has a unique concept. It arrives on a date you set (before your period) and it arrives with goodies specifically designed to help you during this time of month (along with some form of chocolate). You can also choose to personalize your box and add things to help during your period (such as Midol). Beats having to go to the store for it!

This was the box I was most excited about and could see myself keeping for life. Who doesn’t want to feel better during this horrible week every month? My Good & Lovely box arrived right when it was supposed to and was the first box I received. It also came with a handwritten card and a lovely assortment of items, including a delicious chocolate chip cookie. I highly approve of this one and hope to be a member for life (or until I hit menopause age). I love everything about this company (even their About Us section) and I have decided that I will wait until that dreaded time of month to even open my box…it’s like a gift during my period for my period!

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