Land of the Sample Boxes

I love getting free birthday treats from Sephora and free samples here and there, but when it comes to splurging and spending money on the newest beauty products and items, I’m a bit of a cheapskate.

Recently, the heavens opened and I discovered Sample Boxes. How has this been kept a secret for so long? I have recently found that while waiting for my sample boxes, I am MUCH less likely to spend money on other frivolous items because I know that I am getting some gift-ies in the mail soon!

Two weeks ago, I signed up for a host of Sample Boxes to help me discover new and unique products I wouldn’t usually pick out (or want to pay for). I will post reviews on each of the sample boxes as they arrive, so that I can figure out which ones are worth the money and which ones aren’t!

My Subscriptions…So Far!

The sample boxes I have subscribed to are:

  • TestTube from NewBeauty
  • Good & Lovely
  • Conscious Box
  • Yumvelope
  • Julep
  • GlossyBox
  • Beauty Army
  • Sample Society from BeautyBar
  • Birchbox for Men (for the fiance)
  • On the waiting list for Birchbox for Women

I realize that this is a lot of boxes, but I don’t intend on keeping them all forever. This is to try them all out around the same time to get a better idea of which ones are worth the monthly subscription. Stay tuned!

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